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The Grassfed Sustainability Group's (GSG) holistic goal is to create a financially viable organization that teaches Holistic Management practices to landowners, managers and producers throughout the Southwest United States; thereby improving the grasslands of the region and creating a better and more sustainable future for all of those involved. We see a need for people to understand the enduring returns that we can receive from the lands we live on and believe it is our calling to assist others in their land management endeavors. Parts of a whole are intimately interconnected, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole and cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is regarded as greater than the sum of its parts. Teaching others to understand and apply this philosophy to all aspects of their lives will allow us all to live prosperously and profitably while improving the world we live in. Through our relationships with producers in our region and our past successes in building and operating Grassfed based businesses, we believe we are in a unique position to assist others in becoming successful owners, managers and producers using the framework of Holistic Management.